The Grip To Win Audio MP3 Set and e-books are for the beginner judo player, coach and/or referee who wants to get a better an more in-depth understanding about the gripping game and today’s international judo environment.  This is the one package that every coach and player should have. 

Module 1 - The Grip To Win Gripfighting Quick Start Audio MP3
Module 2 - The Grip To Win Importance of Gripping 2 Disc Audio Set
Module 3 - The Grip To Win Q&A With Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson 2 Disc Audio Set
Bonus #1 - The Grip To Win Judo Resource 2 Disc Audio Set
Bonus #2 - The Grip To Win Teleseminar Audio MP3

And……..You will receive downloadable transcriptions manuals of the audio MP3

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The Grip Like A World Champion DVD, Audio MP3 is the next step up from the Grip To Win package. It provide you with an in depth audio visual understanding of gripping.  You may also opt for the book/manual along with the DVD during the purchase process.  This DVD is a must-have for all judo players and coaches.

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Warning: If You Do Not Have Grip Like A World Champion, this DVD is not recommended. This is high level grip fighting information based upon the gripping philosophy if 1999 World Champion Jimmy Pedro and 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson. If you are a high level judo player or coach or you truly want to be, then this is the package for you.

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Olympians Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and Taraje Williams-Murray demonstrate, show, explain, illustrate and illuminate the finer points and never-before-seen keys to making Morote Gari work for you. This DVD set which include 2 Audio MP3s are content rich and they answer all of your questions about Morote Gari that you can’t find anywhere will be answered. There are no frills, no bells and no whistles - just straight to the point, good honest content. This DVD set has changed the way that many people do judo and it will immediately allow you to win more matches. Guaranteed!!!

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READ THIS CAREFULLY AND CRITICALLY: In judo two individuals line up to compete but there are many laws at work. There is a chronological law - the time, there are governance laws - the rules, there are social networking laws - the refs and side judges, there are communicative laws - the ability to get your point across to the various individuals within earshot, and a plethora of other things.

This DVD Set Holds Nothing Back! You get every detail, trick and technique that I used and that you can implement and start immediately. In fact, the beautiful thing about this DVD set is that once you've got "it" - you've got "it" for life.

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Option A which is the  WHOLE PACKAGE and includes:

1. The 7 Disc DVD Judo Success Secrets Set for FREE ($497.00 Value)

2. The Judo Success Secrets In-Seminar Handouts

3. The Maximum Judo Success Secrets Audio MP3 Series ($2700.00 Value) Every Audio MP3 is jam-packed with information that will catapult your Judo Club and you to the next level

Categories and Call Topics Are As Follows:

      Category #1 Business

    * Audio MP3 #1 How To Build and Run A Successful "Judo" Business As a Coach, Player and Athlete

    * Audio MP3 #2 How To Attract High Quality Players To Your Dojo

      Category #2 Sport

    * Audio MP3 #3 Planning Practices Which Are Sound and Appropriate

    * Audio MP3 #4 Planning a Winning Strategy and Getting "Winning" Results

      Category #3 Development

    * Audio MP3 #5 How To Develop And Create Elite Players From A Grassroots Program

These audio MP3s were designed for you, the judoka who understands that Professionalism is necessary if you want to run a successful dojo. The topics for these MP3s were carefully and specifically selected based upon the needs and wants of the Judo Community.

After obtaining this package I GUARANTEE that you will have the necessary tools, insight and know-how to take your club and your students to the top!

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